Valorant – The New Fps Of Riot Games

Valorant - The New Fps Project Of Riot Games

Last year, the famous gaming company “Riot games,” which is renowned for making exciting games like League Of legends, confirmed our speculations that they are working on a new game. The period of waiting for the launch of the new game and the excitement of having a new game to navigate around can be quite exciting.

Various sources and leaks have proven that this new first-person shooter game, which is yet to be released by riot games, is named “Valorant.” This ongoing project is set to hit the gaming industry soon and is being packaged to unleash exciting thrills and feelings for gamers. The game is like Overwatch, csgo, and rainbow six siege.

What You Should Know About Valorant

In October 2019, we got to know that Valorant would be a character-based tactical shooter, following the comments by the executive director of Riot games on the tenth anniversary of the company.

We all referred to the new project as project A, but with the new leaks all over the internet and other evidence such as an official twitter account with the name “PlayValorant” and registering a trademark with the name Valorant, we are sure that Valorant is the official name for the first-person shooter game of Riot.

Valorant Viper

The game is a first-person shooter designed to take over from previous games such as Csgo, Overwatch, and Rb6. According to the leaks all over the internet, a new character named “sage” is introduced in this game. This character acts somewhat like a healer and support. Sage has healing abilities, such as resurrecting her allies and healing them over time. She also as support abilities such as a barrier orb for protecting player, and a slow orb, which slows down any player caught inside it. Imagine a fusion of Overwatch characters Zenyatta and Mei, that’s how powerful sage is in this new game.

There are also other amazing characters in the game like Brimstone, and Viper. We currently do not have any information about the abilities of these characters.

This new game is set to be a blend of unique features and attributes of Overwatch and rainbow six siege, coupled with other exciting inputs by Riot games.

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Valorant Game Leaks And Development

We have spotted seven Valorant characters so far, but we only know the names of three of them: Brimstone, Viper, and sage. Viper and sage are the two heroines of Valorant games.

We have received information about Sage’s abilities from leaks on the internet and twitter. We have earlier stated that her abilities are more like support. She has a healing and resurrection orb for reviving and healing her allies, also a barrier orb that serves as a defense and even a slow orb. Every abilities for a specific character can be brought through the economy system of the game.l

Valorant economy system 

The characteristics of Viper have not been quite exposed like that of sage, but we have drawn up some information about it from the leaks and announcement trailer. We can say that Viper is a female character with black hair and a green face cover like a surgical mask. Viper was seen handling a shotgun and throwing grenades in the clip, which shows that she could be a lethal character in the game.

The game is set to have more than 300 servers, which will be 128 tick, to enable players from various parts of the world to connect easily. The game is going to be free to play. Nevertheless, monetization of the game will be through cosmetics.

Valorant - Frequently asked questions 

In this section, we shall review a few questions which are on the minds of gamers concerning Valorant

What is Valorant?

Valorant is a new first-person shooter game developed by the famous game company, Riot games.

Is The Release Date Known Yet?

So far, there is no official release date yet, but we can speculate that Valorant will be released anytime in 2020. 

Does Abilities Have Many impacts On The Game?

Players will have to buy abilities like they buy weapons, similar to csgo. Abilities will definitely have an impact in the game and will add more skills to the game

Is the game going to be free to play?

The game is going to be free to play and will be monetized through in-game cosmetics.

Conclusion - Valorant

With the leaks and announcement trailers we have seen about Valorant, we can undoubtedly conclude that Valorant will dominate the gaming industry upon its release. The developers of this tactical game, Riot Games, are known for creating incredible and exciting projects, we believe Valorant won’t be an exception. See you in-game!

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