Valorant Leaked Gameplay – First gameplay

Valorant Leaked Gameplay

Valorant is approaching soon, and the same goes for the beta. Last weekend, different streamers and pro players from popular games such as Csgo, Raimbow Six Siege, Fortnite got the chance to play the game in the closed beta.

Sometimes leaks are inevitable, and today we just got some leaks from part of the closed beta. These leaks give us a little overview of the skins currently available in the game, the quality of the game graphics, as well as the different practice modes.

NOTE – If you prefer to watch a video, here is the perfect video that breaks down all the new things we learn from the valorant leaked gameplay

Practice Mode - Valorant leaked gameplay

Valorant Practice Mode
  • OPEN RANGE : Freely explore the entire range and all it has to offer.


  • SHOOTING TEST : Test your gun skills with a variety of shooting challenges.


  • SPIKE PLANTING : Take control of the site, plant the Spike, and defend it until detonation.


  • SPIKE DEFUSE : Methodically defeat enemies and defuse the Spike before time runs out!

Overall Gameplay

With this gameplay leaked out, we can see that Riot has taken the time to put in practice modes to help more “tryhard” players improve in the game. This is excellent news because it means that exit from the game, people will be able to train to reach a certain high level.

Also, we can notice that skins for guns are already in the game and will be available at the release of the game. So for the csgo skin fan, you will definitely be satisfied

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