How to get your Valorant beta key – Be one of the first to play!

VALORANT Beta key - How to get your beta key

VALORANT is an FPS game made by a Riot that is supposed to come out in summer 2020. Its beta has been confirmed to be on the seven April 2020, and the servers are going to be live starting from 8 AM Eastern Time.

On the seven of April, players that didn’t get in the beta will have the chance of getting in, and from some rumor, Riot will be giving more than 100k key drops.

VALORANT beta key

How do you Sign up for the VALORANT beta

1. To sign up for the VALORANT beta, you need to have a Riot account and a twitch account. Once you have that, you can sign up to the beta through this link VALORANT Beta Key.

2. You will have to link your twitch account with your Riot account because Riot is giving beta keys through twitch drop.

  • To link your twitch account with your riot account go to Twitch => settings => connexion

3. To get your beta key on twitch, all you need to do is watch any streamer that has drop enable under their title. This means that you will have a chance to get your account whitelisted

You will receive the following notification on twitch once your Valorant beta key is associated with your account: “By watching Riot games playing VALORANT, you received: VALORANT

NOTE – The current country accepted for the VALORANT beta is Europe, Canada, United States, Turkey, Russia, or CIS countries.


Once you got your twitch notification that you got your Valorant beta key, you can now login to the launcher and install the game. Note that the game is not accessible if you try to play it. You will receive a message saying that the servers are currently offline or in maintenance.

VALORANT launcher

FAQ - Answers from VALORANT Dev

Question : When does the beta start?

Answer : The VALORANT closed beta starts April 7 on PC. The go-live times are 2 p.m. CET/6 a.m. PST.

Question : Does my Closed Beta progress carry over to launch?

Answer : No. VALORANT’s current gameplay state may very well change come launch, and it’s better that everyone’s progress begins at the same starting line.

Question : How long will this Closed Beta last?

Answer : We’re still aiming for our launch date of Summer 2020 (a little unspecific, we know), and want to keep closed beta as short as we can while getting additional regions online. That said, if we hear a lot of unexpected feedback from players during this period, we’ll reevaluate.

Question : What happens to the VALORANT points I purchase during the Closed Beta?

Answer : At full launch, we will give you all of your VALORANT Points back, with an additional 20% bonus as a thanks for engaging with our work-in-progress skins and store. Here’s an example: if you buy 10000 VALORANT Points during the closed beta, you will have 12000 VALORANT Points at launch (this bonus applies even to the bundled bonus for purchasing larger amounts).

NOTE – If you are looking to be a pro player in VALORANT, feel free to check our article to give you the best chances [How to become a pro player in VALORANT]

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